National Football League
National Football League Transactions
For The Last 14 Days
07/31/2014Steve Gregory, SSigned
07/31/2014Peria Jerry, DTRetired
07/31/2014Ronald Leary, GActivated from the PUP list
07/31/2014Donald Thomas, GPlaced on injured reserve
07/31/2014Graham Pocic, TSigned to a one-year contract
07/31/2014Terrence Toliver, WRWaived
07/30/2014James Gayle, DEReleased
07/30/2014Chris Lewis-Harris, CBSuspended two-games by (NFL) for violating the league`s substance abuse policy
07/30/2014Gerrard Sheppard, WRClaimed off waivers from Baltimore
07/30/2014Jim Leonhard, FSSigned
07/30/2014Ryan Lee, OLSigned
07/30/2014Jake McDonough, DESigned
07/30/2014Fred Jackson, RBSigned to a one-year contract extension
07/30/2014Courtney Bridget Jr., DBWaived
07/30/2014Tyron Smith, OTSigned to a eight-year contract extension
07/30/2014Taylor Price, WRWaived
07/30/2014Kory Faulkner, QBWaived
07/30/2014Kip Edwards, CBSigned
07/30/2014Will Pericak, DESigned
07/30/2014Cody Larsen, DTSigned
07/30/2014Geno Atkins, DTActivated from the PUP list
07/30/2014Captain Munnerlyn, CBActivated from the PUP list
07/30/2014Nigel Bradham, LBSuspended one-game by (NFL) for violating the league`s substance-abuse policy
07/29/2014David Snow, C/GReleased
07/29/2014Phillip Tanner, RBSigned
07/29/2014Jonathon Sharpe, LBSigned
07/29/2014Quintin Payton, WRClaimed off waivers from Tampa Bay
07/29/2014Marrio Norman, CBSigned
07/29/2014Gerrard Sheppard, WRReleased
07/29/2014Josh Harris, RBSigned
07/29/2014Mike Farrell, OTSigned
07/29/2014Ricky Sapp, LBReleased
07/29/2014Chris Harris Jr., CBActivated from the PUP list
07/29/2014Dale Moss, WRSigned to a one-year contract
07/29/2014Patrick Peterson, CBSigned to a five-year contract
07/29/2014Randall Carroll, WRSigned
07/29/2014Terrell Thomas, CBSigned
07/29/2014Taylor Price, WRPlaced on injured reserve
07/29/2014Bronson Irwin, OLWaived
07/29/2014Chandler Fenner, CBWaived
07/29/2014Eric Winston, TSigned to a one-year contract
07/29/2014Fou Fonoti, OLWaived
07/29/2014Jairus Byrd, FSActivated from the PUP list
07/29/2014Tim Cornett, RBSigned
07/29/2014Travelle Wharton, TRetired
07/29/2014D'Aundre Reed, DESigned
07/29/2014Seth Lobato, QBSigned
07/29/2014Brett Brackett, TESigned
07/29/2014Brock Jensen, QBWaived
07/28/2014Derrell Johnson, LBWaived
07/28/2014Alfonso Smith, RBSigned
07/28/2014DeMarcus Love, OTReleased
07/28/2014Mark Asper, T/GSigned
07/28/2014Damond Smith, CBSigned
07/28/2014Kalonji Kashama, DEReleased
07/28/2014Aslam Sterling, OLReleased
07/28/2014Jeremy Deering, SSigned
07/28/2014Josh Hull, LBReleased
07/28/2014Tony Hills, TSigned
07/28/2014Steven Baker, OTSigned
07/28/2014Michael Philipp, OLWaived
07/28/2014Gerald Ford, WRWaived
07/28/2014Aaron Burks, WRWaived
07/28/2014Marlon Moore, WRSigned
07/28/2014Jake Rogers, K/PWaived
07/28/2014Chris Faulk, OLWaived
07/28/2014Tyler Gaffney, RBClaimed off waivers from Carolina
07/28/2014Jibreel Black, DTSigned
07/28/2014Anthony Gaitor, CBSigned
07/28/2014Quintin Payton, WRWaived
07/28/2014Brendan Bigelow, RBWaived
07/28/2014Chris Rainey, RBReleased
07/28/2014Everette Brown, DESigned
07/28/2014Davonte Wallace, OLWaived
07/27/2014Willie Colon, TActivated from the PUP list
07/27/2014Brian Tyms, WRSigned
07/27/2014Kyle Rudolph, TESigned to a five-year contract extension
07/27/2014Cole Stanford, WRSigned
07/27/2014Greg Orton, WRReleased
07/27/2014Quentin Groves, LBSigned
07/27/2014Lawrence Sidbury, LBSigned
07/27/2014Anthony Dima, OLReleased
07/27/2014Cody White, GReleased
07/27/2014Alan Bonner, WRReleased
07/27/2014Tom Nelson, SSigned
07/27/2014DeQuan Menzie, CBReleased
07/27/2014Fozzy Whittaker, RBSigned
07/27/2014Dominique Jones, TESigned
07/27/2014Mark Asper, OLReleased
07/27/2014Brandon Jenkins, LBWaived
07/27/2014Matt Hall, OTSigned
07/27/2014Davin Meggett, RBSigned
07/27/2014Aaron Morgan, DEPlaced on injured reserve
07/27/2014Jack Breckner, OTReleased
07/27/2014James Dunbar, DLWaived
07/26/2014Steven Terrell, FSSigned
07/26/2014Brandon Denmark, LBSigned
07/26/2014Dewayne Cherrington, DTReleased
07/26/2014Adam Schiltz, TESigned
07/26/2014Sean McGrath, TERetired
07/26/2014Curtis Feigt, OLReleased
07/26/2014Micanor Regis, DTSigned
07/26/2014Jabin Sambrano, WRSigned
07/26/2014Jordy Nelson, WRSigned to a four-year contract extension
07/25/2014Eric Pinkins, CBPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014Bruce Irvin, DEPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014John Jenkins, DTPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014Jairus Byrd, FSPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014Nick Perry, LBPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014Mike Neal, DEPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014Carl Nicks, GReleased
07/25/2014Kyle Nelson, LSSigned
07/25/2014Drew Butler, PSigned
07/25/2014Gabe Lynn, DBReleased
07/25/2014Edmund Kugbila, GPlaced on injured reserve
07/25/2014Shaq Rowell, DTReleased
07/25/2014Dylan Gandy, G/CSigned to a one-year contract
07/25/2014Jamal Merrell, DEReleased
07/25/2014Ricky Sapp, LBDeclared active/non-football injury and will count on active roster
07/25/2014Jonathan Grimes, RBDeclared active/non-football injury and will count on active roster
07/25/2014Brandon Brooks, GDeclared active/non-football injury and will count on active roster
07/25/2014David Quessenberry, OTDeclared active/non-football illness and will count on active roster
07/25/2014Nate Byham, TEReleased
07/25/2014Kevin Burnett, LBReleased
07/25/2014Kevin Danser, OGSigned
07/25/2014Adam Schiltz, TEWaived
07/25/2014Mike Pollak, GActivated from the PUP list
07/25/2014Onterio McCalebb, RBActivated from the PUP list
07/25/2014Colin Lockett, WRActivated from the PUP list
07/25/2014Kevin Huber, PActivated from the PUP list
07/25/2014Leon Hall, CBActivated from the PUP list
07/25/2014Clint Boling, GActivated from the PUP list
07/25/2014Christo Bilukidi, DTActivated from the PUP list
07/25/2014Colby Way, DEReleased
07/25/2014Randell Johnson, LBAdded to the active roster
07/25/2014Bobby Felder, CBSigned
07/25/2014David Gilreath, WRSigned
07/25/2014C.J. Davis, GSigned
07/25/2014Andrew Sendejo, DBPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014Chase Ford, TEPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014Josh Cooper, WRReleased
07/25/2014Matt Hall, OLReleased
07/25/2014Tyrone Walker, WRSigned
07/25/2014Andy Cruse, WRSigned
07/25/2014Captain Munnerlyn, CBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/25/2014Darius Johnson, WRWaived
07/25/2014Reggie Dunn, WRSigned
07/25/2014Will Hill, FSSigned
07/25/2014Knowshon Moreno, RBPlaced on the PUP list
07/25/2014Mike Pouncey, CPlaced on the PUP list
07/24/2014Stanley Havili, FBPlaced on the PUP list
07/24/2014Brandon Magee, LBClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
07/24/2014Morrell Presley, WRSigned
07/24/2014Chase Dixon, TEReleased
07/24/2014Jared Smith, GReleased
07/24/2014Lew Toler, CBSigned
07/24/2014Kion Wilson, LBReleased
07/24/2014DeRon Furr, LBReleased
07/24/2014Tyronne Green, GReleased
07/24/2014Edgar Jones, LBSigned
07/24/2014Jared Wheeler, CClaimed off waivers from Carolina
07/24/2014Brandon Smith, CBReleased
07/24/2014Aaron Ross, CBPlaced on injured reserve
07/24/2014David Hunter, DTSigned
07/24/2014Andrew Whitworth, TPlaced on the PUP list
07/24/2014T.J. Conley, PWaived
07/24/2014Jeremy Johnson, WRSigned
07/24/2014Conner Vernon, WRClaimed off waivers from Cleveland
07/24/2014Anthony Morales, LBSigned
07/24/2014Edmund Kugbila, GWaived
07/24/2014Jamaal Westerman, LBSigned
07/24/2014Taylor Lewan, OTSigned to a four-year contract
07/24/2014Terrance West, RBAdded to the active roster
07/24/2014Jacobbi McDaniel, DLAdded to the active roster
07/24/2014Chris Faulk, OLAdded to the active roster
07/24/2014Jeremiah Warren, OLAdded to the active roster
07/24/2014Kenny Shaw, WRWaived
07/24/2014Jourdan Brooks, RBWaived
07/24/2014Ronald Leary, GPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/24/2014Anthony Spencer, DEPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/24/2014Amobi Okoye, DTPlaced on the active/non-football injury list
07/24/2014Ray Rice, RBSuspended the first two-games of the 2014 season by (NFL)
07/24/2014Roddy White, WRSigned to a four-year contract extension
07/23/2014Ace Sanders, WR/PRSuspended four-games by (NFL) for substance abuse
07/23/2014Korey Jones, LBSigned
07/23/2014Shaun Lewis, LBReleased
07/23/2014Jared Wheeler, OLReleased
07/23/2014Kevin Matthews, CSigned
07/23/2014Fernando Velasco, GSigned
07/23/2014Garrett Celek, TEPlaced on the PUP list
07/23/2014Jamaal Charles, RBSigned to a contract extension
07/23/2014Mitch Ewald, KSigned
07/23/2014Terrance West, RBPlaced on the active/non-football injury list
07/23/2014Billy Winn, DLPlaced on the active/non-football injury list
07/23/2014Jacobbi McDaniel, DLPlaced on the active/non-football injury list
07/23/2014Jeremiah Warren, OLPlaced on the active/non-football injury list
07/23/2014Chris Faulk, OLPlaced on the active/non-football injury list
07/23/2014Tank Carder, LBPlaced on the active/non-football injury list
07/23/2014Conner Vernon, WRWaived
07/23/2014Brandon Magee, LBWaived
07/23/2014Royce Adams, DBWaived
07/23/2014Abasi Salimu, OTClaimed off waivers from St. Louis
07/23/2014Christo Bilukidi, DTPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Jermaine Gresham, TEPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Sidney Rice, WRRetired
07/23/2014Tyler McDonald, WRReleased
07/23/2014Greg Orton, WRSigned
07/23/2014Mike Higgins, TESigned
07/23/2014Spencer Nealy, DEWaived
07/23/2014Jonas Mouton, LBWaived
07/23/2014Jeromey Clary, OTPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Billy Turner, OTSigned to a four-year contract
07/23/2014Deion Belue, DBSigned
07/23/2014Beau Blankenship, RBReleased
07/23/2014Tyson Clabo, OTSigned to a two-year contract
07/23/2014Ryan Harris, OTSigned
07/23/2014Chris Harris Jr., CBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Chris Conte, SPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014NaVorro Bowman, LBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Kelsey Pope, WRReleased
07/23/2014Alameda Ta'amu, DTPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Tyrann Mathieu, SPlaced on the PUP list
07/23/2014Justin Gilbert, CBSigned to a four-year contract
07/23/2014Antwan Barnes, LBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Willie Colon, TPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Lowell Rose, CBReleased
07/23/2014Jason Hatcher, DEPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Stephen Bowen, DEPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/23/2014Jason Babin, DESigned to a two-year contract
07/23/2014Josh Mauga, LBSigned
07/22/2014D.J. Morrell, OTSigned
07/22/2014Caleb McSurdy, LBReleased
07/22/2014Abasi Salimu, OTReleased
07/22/2014Tavarius Wilson, LBReleased
07/22/2014R.J. Dill, OTSigned
07/22/2014Pat Schiller, LBSigned
07/22/2014Lawrence Wilson, LBSigned
07/22/2014Billy Boyko, LBReleased
07/22/2014Jeremy Grable, LBSigned
07/22/2014J.B. Shugarts, TSigned
07/22/2014D.J. Moore, CBReleased
07/22/2014Adrian Hamilton, LBSigned
07/22/2014Danny Woodhead, RBSigned to a two-year contract extension
07/22/2014Eric Hagg, DBRetired
07/22/2014Nick McDonald, OLClaimed off waivers from San Diego
07/22/2014Xavius Boyd, LBSigned
07/22/2014Darrin Kitchens, LBReleased
07/22/2014Jeremy Ebert, WRSigned
07/22/2014Pat Angerer, LBSigned
07/22/2014Chris Coyle, TESigned
07/22/2014Tim Jackson, DLWaived
07/22/2014Brad Smelley, FBWaived
07/22/2014Khalil Wilkes, CSigned to a three-year contract
07/22/2014Marcus Thompson, LBSigned
07/22/2014Tyrone Ezell, DLSigned
07/22/2014Cheta Ozougwu, DEWaived
07/22/2014Larry English, LBReleased
07/22/2014Joel Dreessen, TEReleased
07/22/2014Mike Pollak, GPlaced on the PUP list
07/21/2014Mike Caussin, TESigned
07/21/2014Kyle Nelson, LSReleased
07/21/2014John Sullen, OGSigned
07/21/2014Moses McCray, NTReleased
07/21/2014Zach Minter, DTPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Devon Still, DTPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Leon Hall, CBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Colin Lockett, WRPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Ryan Whalen, WRPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Marquis Flowers, LBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Clint Boling, GPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Kevin Huber, PPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Aaron Dobson, WRPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Brennan Williams, TWaived
07/21/2014Chris Whaley, DTReleased
07/21/2014Eathyn Manumaleuna, DTSigned
07/21/2014Seali'i Epenesa, DTReleased
07/21/2014Dezmon Briscoe, WRSigned
07/21/2014A.J. McCarron, QBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Onterio McCalebb, RBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Marvin Jones, WRPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Geno Atkins, DTPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Alex Neutz, WRWaived
07/21/2014Chris Snee, GRetired
07/21/2014Nathan Williams, LBReleased
07/21/2014Ramses Barden, WRReleased
07/21/2014Landon Cohen, DTSigned
07/21/2014Naaman Roosevelt, WRSigned
07/21/2014DeMarcus Van Dyke, CBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014Joe McKnight, RBPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/21/2014LaKendrick Ross, DTSigned
07/21/2014Nick McDonald, OLWaived
07/20/2014Nate Byham, TESigned
07/19/2014Marcell Dareus, DTPlaced on the non-football injury list
07/19/2014J.J. Unga, OTPlaced on the non-football injury list
07/19/2014Kamaal McIlwain, DBSigned
07/19/2014Tori Gurley, WRSigned
07/18/2014Reese Wiggins, WRClaimed off waivers from New England
07/18/2014Naaman Roosevelt, WRReleased
07/18/2014Darius Robinson, DBReleased
07/18/2014Cordell Roberson, WRReleased
07/18/2014Ian Williams, NTPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/18/2014Tyler McDonald, WRSigned
07/18/2014Derrick Johnson, WRRe-signed
07/18/2014Terrence Cody, DTPlaced on the active/PUP list
07/18/2014Dekoda Watson, LBPlaced on the active/PUP list